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Our Mission

LifeChangers Legacy, Chebar Ministries, is a program available to anyone transitioning from difficult circumstances, including “returning citizens” from prison, who desire to pursue personal growth and learn the tools necessary to build a spiritual foundation, develop leadership and job skills, to become good financial stewards, and bring family restoration. Read our 2018 Year in Review  

Be Inspired! Read Our 2018 Year in Review!

The LifeChangers Legacy Program

Our prison program helps heal old mindsets, train, equip & restore "Returning Citizens" and their families, through our specialized Therapeutic Interventions combined with Biblical Specialties programs. It is a year long, 4-phase journey and incentive mentorship program.

Watch a short clip of Pamela's powerful story.  

 Prison population in America is exploding!

Research reveals that 83% of those in prison will return (reciticism) within 3 years of release, but a faith-based program can help reduce this to 20% or less. That is why our program is so needed in the prisons. 

We are an outreach and mentoring program designed to reduce recidivism by using our specialized 4- Phase Program that starts on the inside of the prisons. The returning citizens, learn and apply program teachings of mind, body, spirit, and soul to their new life journey. Each inmate's entire journey from the inside to the outside is supported by our trained mentors, this helps ensure that the program's principles are applied even after program completion. 

Our hope is that our program and training will help these women integrate successfully into society while significantly saving the Georgia taxpayers money. We are currently working with the Department of Corrections to make special arrangements to implement our workbook and mentorship program while the enrollee is still in prison.  Learn more about our Mentoring Program here

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Mentoring Program

Our mission is to train and empower women and men in prison and when coming out of prison to return to their families. Our goal is to bring awareness of the "returning citizens" from the prisons to our communities and help these individuals become restored and equipped to fulfill God's purposes for their lives. 

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Our Founder

Pamela works to make LifeChangers Legacy Programs the very best possible through continual education. It is her mission to help mentees/students and their families, and anyone we come in contact with. 

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Your generous gift will change the life of someone special. Be a Life Changer by helping a lost and forgotten prisoner by supporting LifeChangers Legacy Program, Chebar Ministries.  Your contribution can make a difference today, tomorrow and forever in our communities. 


Get Involved

We invite you to consider being a mentor to a woman or man in prison.  Our "Walk Along Side" mentoring program allows you to be a mentor from the convenience of your home. Women mentor women. Men mentor men. We provide a 4-Phase curriculum that you guide your mentee for 1 hour per week via email for 1 year. We provide training for you and a personal copy of the curriculum. Learn more


I probably would be back in prison if it were not for Pamela and Chebar Ministries. She gave her time, her money and even got me a car after I got out of prison. I cannot say enough about what Chebar and Pamela have done for me. God bless you Pamela & Chebar!

George Johnson

What an amazing gift Pamela is to the women she serves. She is a true example of how God uses a life with a past that allows God to transform them in such a way that allows them to help others experience that same transformation. She is proof that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Thank you Pamela for the impact that you are having on so many and for being a living breathing example of God's love, grace and truth.

Ford Taylor

Pamela is a treasure on every level. Her compassion coupled with her relentless determination is a Godsend for all the lives she touches. I am blessed to work with her.

Kate Boccia, CEO. The National Incarceration Association, Inc.

I don’t have anyone to talk to about my issues, so if you can just keep reading this and add me to your prayer list, that would be so great.  I max out next month….then what?  I mean, really???  I am so scared at the moment I don’t know what to do. I need God in my life.  I have actually read the New Testament for the first time in 36 years….and I really understood it.  I was amazed. Please pray for me.  I will not give up this time.

Tonya (Mentee)

I truly admire the fruit i see working in your life. The Word says we will know them by their fruit. Yours is ripe and shining. You have made so many people here feel really blessed, me included. You are such an inspiration to me. I am assured through you that i will succeed this time. I cry thinking that i may let God down in my weakness.

Sharon (Mentee)

I was housed in the same unit as you.  I remember all the things you preached to me while you were here, but I couldn’t see past this sentence.  I’m 23.  I’ve been incarcerated 8 years.  I’ve had so little beliefs and faith. I want you to know that you’ve really inspired me in many ways.  You were always such a delicate and compassionate person.  I have heard many things about your ministry and the way it is progressing and helping people.  I am struggling in many ways in here and my family has forsaken me, but I must go on.

Alex (Mentee)

Dear Sister Pamela, thank you for all the many blessings coming through your faith and ministry. God has truly been blessing us through the hard work you and the ministry has done. I know it wasn't easy work. Yet all things are possible through Christ. With this verse I know I'm ready to put my all into my studies. I've also touched base with Michelle, can't wait to get the ball rolling. Yes, I received your card and thank you for it. God is good...God bless you, the family, and the Ministry.  

Latoya (Mentee)

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