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About Us

"It's not what happens to you, but what you DO with what happens to you." 

Our Founder

Pamela Winderweedle Hillman is founder and president of  LifeChangers Legacy, Chebar Ministries. These organizations are designed to empower women and men ("Returning Citizens") and their families, who are dealing with life challenges while coming out of difficult circumstances. We provide them with the tools necessary to equip and achieve financial independence, personal growth, family restoration & leadership, and a spiritual foundation through a curriculum of continuous education. The goal is to help the whole person live a Christ-centered life that builds confidence and dependence in God. 

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Our Team

Team hands holding

We are also blessed to have a uniquely qualified group of individuals on our management team who are led by God to join in this powerful movement for change within our gates and bringing family restoration to our communities.

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