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Support Services 

In addition to our LifeChangers Legacy Program, we also offer the following services:

  • TREM - Trauma Recovery Empowerment Method
  • Cognitive & Biblical Specialties
  • Technical & Business Training & Coaching 
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Family Counseling and Restoration
  • “Giving Back” Programs
  • Many other partnering programs available

Public Speaking

Pamela (Winderweedle) Hillman has a powerful story of redemption that God is using to help many overcome difficult life circumstances. Following are just a few of the messages Pamela shares with others to bring healing and redemption for their lives.

Overcoming Childhood Wounds
Pamela grew up being sexually abused by her father and two other adult men close to her family. She was introduced to drugs at 9-years old by her stepfather. Her pain led to a 35-year cocaine addiction and a destructive lifestyle that landed her in prison for 18 months. She was raped by some in the circle of drugs also. The family members who should have been there to protect her failed to provide the love and protection every child should have. In this session Pamela shares what she learned that allowed her to gain freedom and healing from those who were the source of her pain and she helps anyone who has had to live with the secrets of abuse gain freedom and healing. Pamela helps the audience understand the role a core belief plays in living out childhood wounds and what must be done to change destructive mindsets.

The Power of Forgiveness
Pamela shares the journey she went through that allowed her to extend forgiveness and pray for their salvation and receive forgiveness. Pamela’s story of forgiveness is a powerful example of how far the grace of God can go to forgive the worst offender. She helps the audience understand the processes of forgiveness and the benefits to the one who has been offended.

Understanding Spiritual Warfare and the Power of the Word of God
Pamela credits the Word of God for giving her freedom from her past and allowing her to take back ground that the devil had taken in her life. She reveals in this talk the process by which she adopted a pattern of scripture memory and applying the Word to prayer. She went through many years of studying self-helps, recovery, and psychology books, but shares how the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit was the ultimate healer for her. She reveals the role spiritual warfare plays in gaining true freedom. She reveals the role intercession plays in gaining victory. She also shares many personal stories of warfare she experienced while in prison and the victories that were gained through in the lives of so many other women, and men.

Reclaiming Your Health
Pamela was given up for death on different occasions by many doctors. She was put on the hospital ward for those who were about to die. She was modeled in a body cast, shot at and the bullets made a circle around her, broken neck, liver destroyed, and other miraculous stories. Pamela refused to believe this was her fate. The seeds of grandma’s words rang within her and stories of God’s protective forces, she tells the world about. Pamela shares her powerful story of healing and how she applied the Word of God to her circumstance. Later, after taking a medical exam to get insurance for herself, a doctor called her and said, “I thought you might want to know this”…thinking it was something horrible, he followed with, “You are 1 of one percentage of the Americans with 100% health.”

Helping the Disenfranchised
Pamela has a prison ministry, Chebar Ministries, LifeChangers Legacy Programs that help women, and men, who are incarcerated as well as those who are “returning citizens”, back into our societies. She shares the current condition of the prison system and what is required to change the current recidivism rate (those who return to prison within 3yrs) from more than 75% to 8%, which is the rate for faith-based programs. She has developed a 5-Phase Incentive Program, TREM, Therapeutic Interventions combined with Biblical Specialties, where each lady has a mentor that “Walks-Along-Side” each lady “Student” for a full year in prison and a year long program with tools to provide necessary Technical & Business training when they are released. Pamela has many Certifications in many areas of Counseling and has discovered it takes 2 years to start the healing process and be renewed in the mind and start on the path God has called them to. Pamela often visits and speaks at many prisons, and will travel wherever God calls her. She is in 30+ prisons in Uganda also. She also provides prayer & faith sheets for prisoners around the world that are helpful tools for healing to those who want to learn more about using the Word of God to overcome destructive life patterns and bring healing and prosperity into their hearts and lives.

Transformational Center

The facility displayed below was created by Pamela's middle son, Bradley Greene, for his thesis for college at Auburn University.  The creative thoughts of the treatment facility were dedicated to his mother and his brother, Chris, because of their struggles with drugs and alcohol throughout their lives. Continue to follow LifeChangers Legacy Programs, Chebar Ministries to learn more about our plans for the Transformational Center coming very soon.





Building renderings by Bradley Greene